Oct 26, 2008

So much to write! So few quiet hours.

I need to vomit everything onto this blog and I sincerely hope you will not get hit by the spray.

We bought a house!  It's a cute little two bed, two bath in Edgewood which is on the East side of the city.  We're still in the city but in a neighborhood, or "the hood" which is what our neighbors have proudly welcomed us to.  It's a place where people smile and say hello but if you stand at your kitchen window at certain times during the day, you may see a drug deal go down.  It's a place where your neighbors offer to help you with your yard work followed by the assurance that they won't charge you much.  I like it a lot and I'm looking forward to seeing  what our place will be in this community.

Craigslist!  Is my new favorite thing.  I sold most of our big furniture on it before we moved (almost all of it for more than I paid for it at yard sales), then I've furnished most of our new house on it.  I've also learned how to make a few bucks here and there on it.  I bought a lamp, ottoman, rocking chair and side table for $40, then sold the rocking chair and side table for $50.  Yes!  I love getting paid $10 to take a lamp and ottoman.

We're visiting new churches in our area.  We love our church in Austell but we're just too far away now. We need to be a part of a congregation that is in our community.  

I got nominated for a "Suzi Award" which I would like to say is like an Atlanta Tony, except that it's not.  Because nobody's really heard of it, not even people in Atlanta.  But I was nominated for featured actress for "The Last Schwartz", nonetheless.   Here's the list

Anybody else ready for this election to be over?  I'm so sick of hearing "coverage" of 4 people talking in circles around ridiculous issues and acting like their policies are so different from the other guy/gal/changer/maverick.  I'm sick of hearing people say "free health care, yay!"  As though they have no idea that they still have to pay for it (or have never been inside a post office).   Or saying we just have to vote against someone who supports abortion.  As though there aren't hundreds of other issues that affect millions of fragile lives.  I'm sick of not hearing any, ANY third party coverage simply because those parties don't have money.  They don't have the cash to buy the media like Republicans and Democrats do and millions of people will vote for "the lesser of two evils" simply because they don't know there's something that they can actually believe in out there.  So I'll be angry at whatever the outcome is on November 3rd but I will be so flippin' happy it's over.

Lastly, and this deserves a post of it's own which will come later, I said goodbye to my little brother, Joel, for two years.  He's serving overseas and left about two weeks ago.  It was a sad and exciting weekend of goodbyes.  My whole family (all 7 of us - 8 including Eric) were able to be together which was wonderful.  I cried probably 4 times over the weekend which is a lot for me.  There's a connection between siblings that can't be described or likened to any other relationship.

Next time, I will narrow my focus and write something more than vomit.  For now, thanks for helping with the clean up.


jared james said...

I think I got hit.

I saw Joel in VA just a couple of weeks ago, and we played Frisbee Golf. Joel's a good kid. I also gave him three golden rules for that kind of life overseas.

We'll see if he follows them. :)

Chuck Wade said...

Just out of curiosity, what are some of the other issues that effect millions of fragile lives, that the American President can do something about and that you disagree with McCain? I'm personally of the opinion that there is no issue, or possibly even group of issues that add up to the loss of human life which abortion does and there is no candidate that will make abortion easier than Obama.

I know you're missing Joel, make sure we get updates on his well-being. Tell him hello for us next time you see him.

Bethany said...

I hope that Joel follows your golden rules, Jared. I am sure they are hanging on sheets of stone on his wall.

Chuck, I will see you this weekend and since I'm sure politics will NOT come up ( :-) ) I'll go ahead and sort of answer your question. I guess my point is that republicans seem to be very, very concerned over seeing lives born into the world and not so concerned with those same lives after they are in the world. If it is the government's job to protect life in the womb, at what point should sustaining life stop being the role of the government? This is why I say "sort of answering your question" because I guess mostly I'm throwing out more questions that I don't have answers to. However, these questions are why I made the statement that I did. While I am %100 against the government allowing people to kill their unborn children, I find some sad hypocrisy in that being the only issue. What happens to the week old child who is with his mother in a crack house? He has been given his right to life but what should we do about him now? And who is "we"? I just don't know yet. But if anyone wants to throw some answers out there...

Chuck Wade said...

So one of the issues you raise is health care... in a fashion. First let me say that allowing a baby to be born and subsequently taking care of it are two different responsibilities. The government doesn't allow mother A to kill her 6 year old, but is under no obligation to take care of the 6 year old. The act of abortion should be stopped because it is murder and that is the government's job, the act of social welfare is not necessarily the government's job at this point.

Also, I believe that John McCain has introduced an idea for health care which is both fair and unobtrusive, unlike Obama's plan which is kind of like him saying "come under my wing and let me take care of you my child" McCain's plan is more of a "we will give some people some help, but your health is your responsibility"... sort of. I prefer the latter.

But again I say that I think you'd be hard pressed to find an issue which is more pervasive and horrible than abortion and thus I think it should be the main issue (not the only issue). I would have not only not-voted for Adolf Hitler, but I would have made a direct effort to vote against him, I would have done my best to ensure that he didn't get into office even if there were other things he did really well.

Abigail Grace said...

hey sis! a friendly comment: WRITE again soon, please! I know you've been reading up on it, now GO! (and, think about Ireland or something while you're at it)