Sep 5, 2008

The Ultimate Love-Hate Relationship

Politics and I have a love-hate relationship.

I love picking my guy/gal and rooting for him/her much like I did the U.S. women's gymnastics team at the Olympics. Except somewhere, deep down, I'd like to believe my life will be affected by the winner of this one.

I hate that maybe it won't be. Or if it is, we'll just fight over who to blame it on.

I love yelling the logical fallacies and screaming against the ridiculous rhetoric until my throat is sore and the T.V. is covered in my saliva.

I hate the conventions. The lies. The painted faces. The lack of free speech.

I love the faces of politician's children who hate it almost as much as I do and I can hope that maybe the next generation won't be so fake.

I hate that this will never be.

I love that I have friends (mostly from a church I have attended at some point or another) who are staunch, hard-core, 'til they die Republicans and friends (mostly from a theatre I have worked with at some point or another) who are staunch, hard-core, 'til they die Democrats.

I hate that they would never really have a good conversation with each other.

I love that they say the exact same things about each other, in the exact same spiteful tones, and I just laugh and laugh and laugh and wish they could hear their counterpart.

I hate that they wouldn't recognize themselves in the mirror lying at the political line.

I love being a mostly-libertarian in that world. Because Republicans just nod about that. They don't really know what it means and don't care unless they hear we don't think the federal government should be in charge of abortion and gay marriage. And democrats feel it is their post-modern duty to be cool with whatever works for somebody else. As long as that is not Republicanism.

I hate that we all think we are right but somebody has to be wrong because we can't all be right and we can't even try everybody's way because we don't have time so somebody has to give in or loose or die and we all have to try the ideas of whoever won the most power by telling the prettiest lies and it will still never work because we live in a world filled with pain and sadness and sorrow and run on sentences and mostly self-centeredness but at least...

I love that politics make me look forward to heaven.

Because then, it will be done. Where there is no Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party, Independent, Communist, Socialist, etc. And we'll finally see Right.

I love that Right won't look like anything I've ever, ever, ever seen before.


Chuck Wade said...


andiewade said...

i like your words. these words have been floating around in my head and i was never able to make them fit together. you fit them together perfectly. maybe now these words will stop giving me a headache :)

Rockel said...

I have to disagree with you on one point: the 6th paragraph. I thought the highlight of the RNC was Palin's youngest daughter, who appeared to be living directly in a young girl's fantasy "dress-up" dreamworld, waving and smiling at the close of the day. Pure; authentic; cuteness.

Outside of that... right on, Botherme.

ArtisianWell said...

I concur with your sentiments Bethany, well said.

andiewade said...

heh. of all the people to call "famous friends" around here, i definitely don't think i'm one of them. :)

andiewade said...

yeah i had to stop myself from spending money at cvs this week. i had a coupon for $4 off a $20 purchase that is only good for this week, but there's nothing in the circular that i remotely need. there were a few things i didn't need but could stock up on, but it really wasn't necessary... it pains me to do so, but it's best i spend nothing instead of $16 on crap i really don't need. it's such a tough temptation to beat!

Abigail Grace said...

so today in my 18th c. lit class, my professor mentioned our 2-party system, and then wondered aloud why anyone even bothered to make up the other 1% of voters: "we have communists in America, oh and those other people who think there shouldn't be any government...what are they called?" I popped up: "Libertarians?" "oh yes, them." That was about the extent of it, because I am uneducated and still a stupid uninformed basic American.

Brina said...

Interesting to know.